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This system enables you to keep track of all payroll costings and also keep track of employee accruals.

Features Include

  • The system allows unlimited earnings and deduction types to be loaded.

  • Payment of wages by direct debit and creation of bank compliant ABA files.

  • Annual leave, personal leave, long service leave and rostered day off accruals are calculated and stored for each employee. Unlimited rates and methods of accruals can be set up. These can optionally be linked to the General Ledger to allow leave provision accounts to by utilised.

  • Multiple branches can be set up each branch being a totally separate payroll.

  • A standard pay can be set for each employee.

  • Unlimited history can be stored on each employees file.

  • New employees can be set up during the processing of pays.

  • On line inquiry facility during processing of pays. This allows detailed history for each employee to be accessed.

  • Automatic tax calculation utilising the standard statement of formulas issued by the Australian Taxation Office.

  • The payroll system also complies with the federal award legislation, to show employer superannuation contributions on payslips along with other neccessary information.

  • Comprehensive superannuation reporting tracking Super Guarantee, employer, employee and salary sacrifice contributions. These can all be reported using different methods of compliant reporting.


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