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Accounts Payable

The accounts payable helps keep control of your suppliers enabling you to easily reconcile with your suppliers statements and help ensure continuity of supply to service your customers.

Features Include

  • Full transaction history allowing access to paid and unpaid transactions.

  • Ageing of amounts owing alongside a monthly purchase history for the current year compared to the previous year, this screen will allow access to historical data.

  • Invoices can be approved for payments by date due, this enables several remittance advices runs to be performed during the month enabling you to take advantage of worthwhile discounts.

  • Multiple suppliers ledgers can be setup within the company if required, being a separate ledger and keeping it's own purchases information.

  • Pruchased orders for the suppliers can be easily accessed for review and follow up.

  • Remittance advices can be printed on plain paper or sent via email.

  • Attachments specific to the supplier can be uploaded allowing easy access to all authorised users.

  • Notes or diary entries can be placed on suppliers allowing follow up and easy review of communication.


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