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Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable feature of the Natsoft accounting system allows easy access to customers information allowing a high level of customer service.

As the customer is the source of cash flow for the business, it is vital for the business to have good control or outstanding accounts as well as access to information that allows increased income opportunities.

Features Include

  • A full transaction history providing information about not only outstanding invoices by access to historical transactions.

  • A single screen allows analysis of outstanding amounts, sales history and profitability.

  • Credit Limit and Credit Status checking during invoicing.

  • A full sales history of inventory allowing inquiry into inventory sold and frequency of sales.

  • Contacts can be stored against the customer and flagged to receive documents such as invoices, quotes/sales orders and statements.

  • Invoices, quotes and statements can all be sent as an email PDF.

  • The customers link seamlessly with the workshop system and allow access to equipment owned by the customer and then a full service history on the equipment.

  • Special pricing or discounts structures can be defined and easily reviewed.

  • Multiple delivery addresses can be stored for each customer.


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